Daily Devotional By Archbishop Foley Beach

The Fundamental Cornerstone of Christianity Is that “Jesus Is the Only Door”

April 24, 2019

MESSAGE SUMMARY: In John 14:6Jesus says: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one come to the Father but through me.”. In Luke 13:23-25, Jesus is asked a pivotal question; and Jesus responded: “And someone said to him, ‘Lord, will those who are saved be few?’ And he said to them, “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then he will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’”. It’s not that Jesus doesn’t want all to be saved, it’s just that the “gate”, to our Salvation, is “narrow” and difficult to enter. We enter eternal life through Jesus and Jesus alone, and so many miss this fundamental tenant of our Christian faith; and they miss knowing Jesus – Jesus is the door, the narrow door. Neither Islam, nor Hinduism, nor just “my personal religion” is the door – Jesus is the only door.


TODAY’S AFFIRMATION: Today, I affirm that, because I am in Jesus ChristI will live as Jesus would (Philippians 1:27) “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”. (Philippians 4:14).


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SCRIPTURE REFERENCE (ESV): John 14:6; Mathew 3:1-3; John 4:1-5; Psalms 92:1-15.